San Antonio Bail Bonds


Going to Jail

There are few things as terrifying in life as being put in a jail cell and not knowing when you are going to get out. Tons of people are scared of going to jail and this is completely justifiable, due to the fact that you are being held in a confined space with people that probably don't like you and want to do harm to you. If you are in this situation, you likely want to get out as fast as humanly possible, although most times when a person is sitting in a jail cell, they will have to post a bail to get out. If you don't know what a bail is, or have no idea about the process of getting out of jail, here is a basic summary. Typically, when you are arrested, you will be charged with various crimes, which the judge will see after a few days of sitting in jail.

Bail Bonds

Once the judge sees your charges, they will give you a bail amount, if you are not allowed to leave on your own recognizance. This bail amount is a monetary figure that you will have to put up, or you will be sitting in jail until you end up going to court, which could be months or even years. Years is a stretch, and you will likely only have to spend weeks to months, but no one wants to go through this. This is where a bail bonds company comes in. If you can't afford the bail amount, a san antonio bail bonds company will usually offer you a way to get out of jail, by them posting the bond and agreeing that you are going to have to pay the money back on a payment plan over an allotted period of time.